Thousand Pyramid Quilt


Here is the quilt, finished at last.  My friend kindly quilted it for me as she has a long arm quilting machine.


Nice to have it finished so that I can move on to another work in progress.

The story behind this quilt is that my friend’s sister-in-law had just cut out the triangles from her stash before she passed away.  I was asked to put it together and now it will be given to her niece.  I hope she likes it.


Work in progress-Moving On


After much stitching, unpicking, pressing and re stitching, I have at last turned my strips of triangles into a Thousand Pyramid quilt, a very old design.  Some of the points are not lined up perfectly, but I am pretty happy overall.


Now I am looking forward to going to the annual Quilt and Craft Show on Wednesday, when I intend to buy myself a mini steam iron to press all seams, and believe me, there are a lot!


Next thing to think about is a border……