Destination: Europe

Our holiday that we booked so long ago last year is here at last and here is our itinerary:

4 May – Depart Southampton on Sapphire Princess

5 May – Brussels, Belgium

7 May – Copenhagen, Denmark

9 May – Stockholm, Sweden

10 May – Tallinn, Estonia

11/12 May – St Petersburg, Russia

13 May – Helsinki, Finland

15 May – Gdansk, Poland

18 May – Southampton, England

The next two weeks will be spent travelling around the UK so will post if and when I can.  Getting excited now!

2 thoughts on “Destination: Europe

  1. Jill & Alex enjoy your trip!! We just got back from a Princess – Dubai to London cruise through the Suez Canal. Fabulous!!!
    Kim & Pat
    Trivia Buddies


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