My Cats Garden is Nearly Done

Last year I was planning a garden for the cats.  Well, for them and for me.  They have a fenced-off area along the side of the house and I thought a narrow garden along the fence line between us and our neighbor would be nice for them and create some interest from the street view.

So recently, with a little bit of help to sort out the string line, I did the edging myself.  Maybe not absolutely straight in parts, but I am pretty happy with my efforts and I’m sure it will look fine once we have finished the planting.

So the dream becomes a reality.  Great – one more item we can cross off the “To Do” list!





Dreaming of a Cats’ Garden

Yes, we are all definitely dreaming of a garden for the cats at the moment. Would love some rain for a start, you can see how dry it is. Will also need to have a load of soil delivered before we can start planting.

In the meantime, here is Brother Malai picking a spot for his toilet. Let’s face it, he has a lot of choice! We do have some grass, but not very lush at the moment with such dry weather.


Here is Cousin Arielle checking out the cat grass. I have planted cat mint and catnip as well but the fussy four only like the grass!


Cats on Vacation

The only downside of going on holidays is saying goodbye to the cats. Fortunately, no cattery for them as they stay with my daughter who has two cats of her own, Arielle and Malai.

In fact, Malai is Samurai’s brother but you could not find two more different looking cats.  Samurai looks just like his mother, with his thick, short grey fur in contrast to Malai’s dark long haired coat. Could there be more than one father, I wonder?

Brother Malai

Brother Malai

Cousin Arielle

Cousin Arielle

Fortunately, all the cats get on well together.  Malai in particular is very social and likes to play with Samurai and Mischa. 

So I have packed the car and hope I have remembered everything; lets see … some food, biscuits, treats, beds, rugs, favourite toys, kitty litter and brush. That sounds about right and now to get them in their cat cages for the one hour car trip.

Samurai quite likes to get into his cage but Mischa needs a gentle push!

Not happy!

Not happy!

Me either!

Me either!

Neither of them likes travelling in the car very much and we soon hear a few protesting miaows which I am sure translate into “Are we there yet?”

Lemme out of here!

Lemme out of here!

By the time we left the cats were settled in with only a little bit of hissing happening, mainly by the two girls. I know they will be very well looked after and spoilt while we are away, so now we go home to an empty house to pack.  I miss them already.

Indoor Cats vs Roaming Free

Mischa & SamuraiShould cats be confined indoors? That is the question we had to ask ourselves when we bought home our kittens two years ago. When I was growing up, there was always a cat in the family who spent the day outside and came home for dinner. These days being more enviromentally aware, we decided that we would keep our cats indoors. When I went to the council to register them, I was given some information regarding a cat cage which is similar to a large aviary. This seemed a good idea and we went ahead and had a cat cage installed next to our patio with a bridge from our dining room window where they can gain access. In addition to that, I bought them harnesses and started to take them out for walks around the garden with their leads on. Once they got used to that, I detached the leads and now they go out (with close supervision) with their harnesses on every couple of days. The first few times each one climbed over the fence, but they found out very quickly that they were immediately bought inside, so now they spend their time in the garden, I get some weeding done and they usually come in on their own after an hour or two. Not only am I keeping my cats out of harm’s way, but I am also trying to do my bit to save the bird and lizard population as well. We live on a reasonably busy street and I would be too worried to let them out alone so this seems a good balance. What do you think – have you made the decision to keep your cat indoors or do you let yours roam free?