A Cactus in Bloom

My cactus must be about ten years old, and after a period of dormancy, it always takes me by surprise when it blooms. The flowers are such a happy yellow colour. They always make me smile.

2 thoughts on “A Cactus in Bloom

  1. It reminds me of the cactus plants my mother had. She had a large collection… Years ago I had a giant one in my living room but it died, probably from old age.

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    • They live longer outside. Mine has been in a pot for about 10 years. The climate here is ideal. I don’t water it much and it does it’s thing and flowers every year. Last year I had ideas of taking it out of the pot and putting in my succulent garden. I changed my mind when I felt the thorns through my gloves and a roll of newspaper that I’d wrapped around it!

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