Wasps in my Garden

Wasps are common in Australian gardens and can be quite beneficial in pollinating flowers and controlling insect pests.

They can also deliver quite a sting if disturbed, which I discovered recently when I decided to do a spot of pruning around my jasmine vine which is growing on the side of the cats’ catio.

I didn’t see that there was a wasp’s nest hidden in the leaves. I see it now! Before I realised what was happening, two very angry wasps flew out of the nest, one promptly stung me on my hand, and the other chased me inside the house! It was right behind me and I had to shoo it back outside!

Luckily I was wearing gardening gloves, but even so, the sting was painful for about 20 minutes and by next morning my hand was quite swollen. It was also very itchy, but after applying some cream the itch went away and the swelling disappeared within two days.

Some people are very allergic to wasp and bee stings but now I know that I am not. The nest will probably be active for the rest of the summer, but I am okay with that. Everything has its place in the garden and it just means that I won’t be pruning the jasmine for a few more months.

This is as close as I wanted to get. Normally the nests that I see around the house are small, rounded nests made of clay or mud. This nest consists of layers of papery hexagonal cells and many active wasps.

4 thoughts on “Wasps in my Garden

  1. That must have been rather scary Jill. I wouldn’t cope with a wasp nest that size in my garden. I’ve been stung once by a wasp – on my finger. It was very painful.

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    • Hi Barbara, thanks for dropping by. Yes, it wasn’t much fun but could have been so much worse! I’ll just leave them alone. I don’t like to kill insects if I can avoid it.


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