New Year’s Resolutions, Anyone???

Here we are well into January and I haven’t heard anyone discussing NY resolutions. Have you set any goals for this year?

I’m not into it myself, only because I’m a list writing type of gal and I normally have three going all the time. I find it quite motivating to list and prioritise what I want to achieve, short and long term, and I love when I get to cross off an item. So satisfying!

So a once-a-year list would never work for me.

My lists on the go are shopping, gardening and craft which are all on my phone, giving me instant access. Very important when you actually get to complete something.

If you want to check out the apps, I use “Out of Milk” for shopping and “To Do List” for everything else. Pretty simple. I’m sure there are plenty more, but these ones suit me. For someone who doesn’t have a particularly good memory, it all makes me look quite efficient and keeps me motivated and on track at the same time. That has to be a win-win!

Destination: Europe

Our holiday that we booked so long ago last year is here at last and here is our itinerary:

4 May – Depart Southampton on Sapphire Princess

5 May – Brussels, Belgium

7 May – Copenhagen, Denmark

9 May – Stockholm, Sweden

10 May – Tallinn, Estonia

11/12 May – St Petersburg, Russia

13 May – Helsinki, Finland

15 May – Gdansk, Poland

18 May – Southampton, England

The next two weeks will be spent travelling around the UK so will post if and when I can.  Getting excited now!

Can You Ever Have Too Many Totes?

A while ago, my craft group was cleaning out the cupboards and came up with these fabric samples. I was given them with the request – Do something with these!

Unfortunately, each sample had a narrow paper border which I wasn’t able to remove, so I had to cut each strip out, one by one. What could I make out of them all?

Thanks to Craftsy, I came across this tote pattern, consisting of 104 strips of fabric. Luckily, I just had enough fabric, with one strip left over. I was pretty happy with the result.