Lucky Day

I was at my quilting group last week when I purchased some raffle tickets, and imagine my surprise when someone rang me the next day to let me know that I had won second prize!  This is my lap quilt and a bottle of wine as well!

Lap quilt (3)

Lap quilt

Pretty cat fabric

Which reminds me of my lucky streak before we left for our vacation – our quilting group has a monthly competition.  You purchase a pattern for 50 cents and the corresponding fabric which has all been pre-cut.  Sew it up, bring it back and you are in the draw to win approximately 25 blocks. The other blocks are used to make a quilt for a charity. I won these blocks two weeks running!

So now I have to make the quilts.  I will donate one to a  charity for sure – the other one I will make for my mother-in-law.  Time to get myself organised.  Hopefully will have some finished quilts to show in the next month or so.

7 thoughts on “Lucky Day

  1. Congratulations on winning a prize! The only time I can remember winning something in a raffle was nearly forty years ago. I walked into a supermarket on the day it opened and was given a ticket as I passed through the door. A little later, my number was called. (I still remember it was number 33.) I wondered if I was going to get the vacation to Hawaii. In fact, I won an electric carving knife. Still, my mother was pleased. I believe she still uses it occasionally. 🙂


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