It’s always sad to say goodbye when our cruise comes to an end.  Back to the “real world” – shopping, bill paying, chores…..  However, the positives are coming home to our cats and sleeping in our own bed.  No matter how comfortable other beds may be, there is nothing like your own pillow!

The one thing that everyone loves on a cruise ship is the food!  So here are some average amounts of the food we consumed on a daily basis:

  • Fish:  1,700
  • Poultry:  1,400 lbs
  • Beef:  1,700 lbs
  • Pork/Pork Products:  1,400 lbs
  • Veal:  300 lbs
  • Lamb:  200 lbs
  • Salads:  1,600 lbs
  • Mayonnaise:  13 gals
  • Pasta:  500 lbs
  • Potatoes:  2,700 lbs
  • Soups:  550 gals
  • Flour:  1,500 lbs
  • Pastries:  6,000
  • Ice cream:  100 gals
  • Butter:  400 lbs
  • Coffee:  470 gals
  • Sugar:  400 lbs
  • Glasses washed daily:  21,500
  • Dishes washed daily:  70,000

Is this all?   Well, not quite.  After the passengers are served, then it’s time to feed over 848 crew members!  (And by world standards, the Sea Princess is not even  a very big cruise ship!)

So now our Asian cruise is a memory and I have some serious scrapbooking to do, but already we have booked our next cruise!  Around Australia from Brisbane to Perth with some friends who will be visiting from England in November.  We did this cruise once before, but this time we will stopping at two ports in New Guinea – the previous one went to Bali.

Meanwhile, I am having trouble remembering what day it is – I’ve already missed an appointment this week, so I must set myself a reminder to meet with my quilting group tomorrow!




Your thoughts?

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