Hong Kong


Thursday, 17 March – When we awoke this morning we were in Hong Kong – we knew this because the fog was so thick we could hardly see a thing and we had heard the ship’s horn sounding through the night.  Customs came on board and we were held up for over an hour, but by the time we were allowed to leave the ship, the fog had lifted somewhat.

We set off on our coach, which took us from the new cruise terminal (way out of town) to Victoria Harbour, where we boarded a cruiser for a trip around the harbour and stepped aboard the famous Jumbo Floating Restaurant for a delicious Dim Sum lunch.

Jumbo Rest HK

We then taken in sampans to see the Aberdeen fishing village, home to all the fishermen who live on their boats.

On the bus again, we were taken to a jewellery and watch warehouse and Stanley Market.  We didn’t get there on our last visit and we thought it was a very nice market; the prices were reasonable and the quality very good.  Nothing junky here!

Lastly, we made our way to the summit of Victoria Peak.  Unfortunately, too foggy to see a thing.  We could only take a photo of the photo of what we should have seen!  Better luck next time.  However, we did enjoy the tram ride down the mountain.  You face backwards and the tram is on a very steep angle.  That was fun.

Peak HK (2)Peak HKHK (3)

Day 2 was even more foggy, so we just took the free shuttle bus to Diamond Hill shopping centre, and were pleased to find Marks & Spencer, one of our favourite stores.

HK (4)

Bike in Hong Kong

Look what happens when you chain up your bike in Hong Kong!

We like Hong Kong very much and there is always something new to do and interesting little shops to explore.  This was the first of our overnight stopovers.

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