Be a Tourist in Your Own Home Town

How well do you know your own home city or town?

I thought I knew mine pretty well, so I was quite surprised recently to discover one of Brisbane’s most popular parks located only one kilometre from home. There are three levels; the top one has the car park which overlooks the large adventure playground complete with a fort and flying fox. There are also barbecues and outdoor exercise equipment. The third level has two lagoons and wonderful walking and cycling paths, all spread out over 14 hectares just perfect for a picnic or ball games. Dogs are not forgotten with a large off the lead fenced area with shade and seats.


Wild life abounds with fish, turtles, ducks and a wide variety of birds including flocks of noisy, sulphur-crested cockatoos which are a large white cockatoo with a bright yellow crest.


Duck family

I am amazed that I have driven past this park every day. EVERY DAY. How could I have not noticed this lovely tranquil spot? So why not become a tourist in your own town and look at the old and familiar with fresh eyes. Who knows what you might discover?

Meanwhile, I’m off to feed the ducks!

Your thoughts?

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