Rounding the Horn


Wednesday, 7 March:   Woke up early this morning feeling excited about our scenic cruise of Cape Horn, expecting furious winds and fearsome waves!

Yes, we got some very strong winds at 80mph for a short while, but the outside decks were quickly placed off limits until the ship moved into the shelter of the land. You can see how changeable the weather was though, even in such good conditions; alternating from rainy and foggy to sunny and blue sky.


Lighthouse and Memorial for Lost Sailors


The captain kept up some commentary along the way and was so happy with the smooth conditions, that after obtaining permission from the Chilean authorities, took us past Puerto Williams which he had only been to once before, himself, so it was quite a treat.  Very scenic.


The Horn is on most people’s bucket lists and we were no exception, so it was a nice achievement, once reserved for 19th century gold seekers en route to the gold fields in California.


Even though we didn’t get the rough waters that I was expecting, it was still an amazing experience.

Your thoughts?

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