Ushuaia, Argentina


Our last Argentinian port of call, today, 8 March, we disembarked in Ushuaia – remote and rugged, it’s the land of fire and referred to as The End of the World!  During his famous circumnavigation around the tip of the continent, Ferdinand Magellan saw huge bonfires that lit up the sky, hence his name for the island, Tierra del Fuego.

We set off through the town and made our way to the Andes Mountains beyond, where we went as far as the Garibaldi Pass to Lago Escondido “Hidden Lake”.   We enjoyed the comfort of the coach as we made our way through lush forests and spectacular mountain scenery.

Population of approx. 60,000, it’s a safe place to live.  No crime, we were told!  Plenty of jobs available as many of the big companies set up offices there; they pay no tax.


I thought it was a lovely little picture postcard city, although I may not like it so much in the depths of winter!  Its’ beginnings go back to when it was a penal colony and, on that note, we stopped at the Ushuaia Jail and Military Prison which housed prisoners from 1902 to 1947.  It’s now a museum housing lots of interesting photos and information detailing the harsh conditions of the unfortunate convicts.

Last stop was a break for some food in the island’s winter sports area, Las Cottoras where we enjoyed empanadas, pastries, sandwiches as well as local wines, chocolate and coffee.


A last walk around this lovely town completed our day and gave us many happy memories to take away.


Your thoughts?

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