Puerto Madryn, Argentina


Yesterday was a sea day and a chance to wind down.  Today, Sunday 4 March, we were off to see dolphins and sea lions in the icy Atlantic Ocean.

Next to the ship was a very, very long pier which we had to walk along to board an RIB – Rigid Inflatable Boat – for a ride to the Punta Loma Nature Reserve about 40 minutes away.  The Reserve was created in 1967 to protect South America’s only permanent sea lion colony and is home to about 600 sea lions.


We were very lucky to be there at high tide, otherwise we probably would not have seen many.  As it was, the sea was very calm, the weather great and with a perfect high tide, the boat was able to position itself for plenty of photo taking opportunities of sea lions and cormorants.  The sea lions were not concerned that the boat was so close to them and were so noisy, I don’t know how anyone gets any sleep!


On the way back, the captain looked for dolphins, but we were out of luck.  Although there seem to be plenty of dolphins in these waters, all the sightings have been some distance from the ship.

Seeing the sea lions in their natural setting was one of the highlights of our trip so far.

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