The “New” House

Looks like the purchase of our “new” home is going ahead well, after meeting with the Building and Pest Inpsector during the week. The report was clear with only a few minor things mentioned, so looking forward to settlement on 13 December.

I am very pleased that I finally found a moving company, after several quite complicated (and expensive) quotes and a painter to give our house a fresh coat of paint before the tenants move in. Luckily the house we are moving to only needs some external painting on the gables, the inside walls are in very good condition.

Took some photos of the house last week and quite pleased with it. Some things I want to change, but nothing that won’t wait until we are settled in. Looking forward to some land around us, aprox 3/4 acre, and a closer look at the back part of the property revealed a vegetable patch and a little orchard with all the trees looking nice and healthy. The addition of a huge shed, already fully lined against the heat, will make a wonderful craft room which will of course be shared with the “budding artist” and his growing art supplies!

Located at Lowood, it is “country” yet only an hour away if I want to take the train into the city from nearby Ipswich. Sounds like the best of both worlds!

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