Calling all Pollywogs!

Thurs, May 30

Pollywogs we are not, as we have crossed the Equator before;   however we did go to the Crossing of the Equator ceremony to see King Neptune passing sentence on the ‘’accused”.  They were then suitably covered in flour and pasta by the staff and one unlucky passenger was ‘’operated’’ on behind towels to remove his ‘’funny bone’’.

Lots of fun and received yet another personalised Crossing of the Equator certificate as proof that King Neptune has sanctioned our safe passage and we are allowed to continue our journey.

Crossing the Equator (2)Crossing the Equator (8)

One thought on “Calling all Pollywogs!

  1. Hi Mum! Sounds like you’re having a great time, good to hear from you. Oh and the cats are doing great here, settled in and happy! Keep keeping us updated on your trip!!! xxxx Leia


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