Goodbye Australia – Hello World!

Boarded the lovely “Sea Princess” in Sydney (after driving down from Brisbane) on Monday 20 May. We are on Deck 11 forward on the starboard side. Very comfortable and plenty of space to settle in for our 104 night adventure.
Sailed back into Brisbane last Wednesday and it was cold and raining when we left.
There is no shortage of things to do on board and I have been getting plenty of exercise with Zumba, line dancing and the gym. Lots of craft activities and Alex was pleased to find sketching and photography classes. Yesterday he won a bottle of champagne in the trivia challenge which was a laugh, considering the questions were on “How Australian are You” and he is from the UK!
Today is Tuesday 28th May and we can feel the weather getting warmer and more humid. The sea is unbelievably calm as you can see from the photo. There is hardly a ripple and the ship is just gliding through the waters of the Java Sea.

Photos show leaving Sydney, our stateroom and steward and Thursday Island.
We arrive in Singapore on Friday, so will post more later.

Harbour Bridge

Java Sea

Our room

Sam, our Stateroom Attendant

Sea Princess

Thursday Island

2 thoughts on “Goodbye Australia – Hello World!

    • We are having a great time. We are buying wifi on the ship at the moment. A bit expensive and slow. After Dubai we move up a level and get some free wifi so will post when I can.


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