Oh no, awake so early!

SamuraiThis is my first ever blog – so bear with me folks, as this will be another cat story! So many of you have cats I see, so I hope you will not mind if I introduce you to my male cat, Samurai. I was looking for some inspiration for my blog when I saw a list of ideas and one of them was “What was my first thought when I woke up”. Well, that is easy as it is exactly the same one I have every morning …. what time is it? The reason for this is because Samurai wakes me up every morning by jumping very heavily up from the bottom of the bed and walking around my head, making sure that he steps on my hair all the way. He then proceeds to push his head against mine and, failing that, jumps down to the floor where he likes to scratch on the corner of the mattress cover which has now been quite shredded. Obviously this has the right effect, as I have to get out of bed to stop him, so why not feed him while I am up. Unfortunately this probably gives him the wrong messsage in that he is getting rewarded for doing a bad thing, but what can you do! Normally he wakes me at 4.30am but this morning to my horror, it was 3.30am. I did manage to get back to sleep till 4.00am but then gave up as Samurai launched his secondary attack which involves jumping from one side of the bed to the other. At this point I thought that I had better get up before he woke up my husband, who would have been decidedly testy, so out to the laundry room to get out the cat biscuits for breakfast. Once he is fed, he is quite content fortunately, so back to bed I went wondering if I could get back to sleep again… and luckily I did!

3 thoughts on “Oh no, awake so early!

  1. You have just described my morning routine. My cat Luna does all of the above but likes to bite the end of my nose too, which is incredibly painful! What can you do though? I’m certainly not locking her out at night.
    Great first post 🙂


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