Dreaming of a Cats’ Garden

Yes, we are all definitely dreaming of a garden for the cats at the moment. Would love some rain for a start, you can see how dry it is. Will also need to have a load of soil delivered before we can start planting.

In the meantime, here is Brother Malai picking a spot for his toilet. Let’s face it, he has a lot of choice! We do have some grass, but not very lush at the moment with such dry weather.


Here is Cousin Arielle checking out the cat grass. I have planted cat mint and catnip as well but the fussy four only like the grass!


Life’s Ups and Downs

Feeling happy that Spring is here at last (yay!). Can’t believe it’s nearly the end of September already.

On the downside, last month we got some not-so-good news. No one wants to heat that their spouse has tongue cancer, but there it is. Treatment started last week with a positive mental attitude for a good outcome. Luckily we have moved to a very caring community and everyone’s support has been appreciated so much.

On the upside, we just planted our first garden around the pool. The lavender was barely in the ground before the bees were buzzing about. Next step is to plant some Australian native trees to bring back the birds after we had to take out a lot of the garden which had been badly neglected.

I love a garden – it’s such a peaceful place to be, don’t you think?