Good news!   Six weeks after my fall,  I have thrown away the leg brace and most importantly, can drive the car again.  Looking forward to getting back to normal.  Celebrated by having my first swim of the season, and looking forward to getting to the gym tomorrow even if it is only for a gentle walk on the treadmill for now.

In the meantime, I put my enforced rest to use by finishing off a long overdue cross stitch, which involved far more work than I had imagined.  Just washed it in a little dishwashing detergent and it came out looking nice and clean.  It will look much better after it has been pulled into shape and framed.


Thousand Pyramid Quilt


Here is the quilt, finished at last.  My friend kindly quilted it for me as she has a long arm quilting machine.


Nice to have it finished so that I can move on to another work in progress.

The story behind this quilt is that my friend’s sister-in-law had just cut out the triangles from her stash before she passed away.  I was asked to put it together and now it will be given to her niece.  I hope she likes it.


Yoga Mat Bag


I’ve recently taken up yoga again and decided it was about time I made a bag to carry my mat in.  After scouring the web for ideas I came across a blog by Sewaholic which I thought was a great tute with step by step photos and clear instructions.

So I used some fabric from my stash and the bag went together easily.  However, I did make a few changes:

  • I cut the body 30″ x 19″, increasing the width by 1″ after reading that some people had trouble fitting the bottom circle to the tube.
  • I wanted to give the pocket a bit more body, so I cut mine at 12″ x 6″.  Fold in half RST and stitch along both side seams.  Turn to right side, press and proceed to add velcro as per instructions.
  • For the strap, fold the fabric in half lengthwise, press.  Open up the fabric and fold each long edge to meet in the middle.  Press.  Fold lengthwise enclosing raw edges.  Pin and edge stitch along both long sides.  I always make straps this way for a sturdy, neat finish.
  • I wanted to strengthen the bottom of the bag, so I cut a second 7″ circle from lining fabric.  Place one circle on top of the other WST and sew a line of basting stitches around the edge just outside the seam allowance.  Proceed to pin this end piece to the bottom edge of the tube, easing any fullness by pulling up the basting thread.

I am pleased with how my bag turned out, with my happy fabric purchased in Fiji – and best of all, it was put together without having to insert a long zipper!

Work in progress-Moving On


After much stitching, unpicking, pressing and re stitching, I have at last turned my strips of triangles into a Thousand Pyramid quilt, a very old design.  Some of the points are not lined up perfectly, but I am pretty happy overall.


Now I am looking forward to going to the annual Quilt and Craft Show on Wednesday, when I intend to buy myself a mini steam iron to press all seams, and believe me, there are a lot!


Next thing to think about is a border……