Zipper Pouch


Here is what I quickly stitched up this afternoon.    Very easy, using up some of my stash and patchwork squares which were left over from another project.   I love zipper pouches, and I could easily become addicted to making more in different sizes.

DSCN0342DSCN0347 I made zipper tabs in the black and white fabric.  This is the first time I’ve attempted them and love how they turned out.  A nice finishing touch.   Such a fun project.











4 thoughts on “Zipper Pouch

  1. I love zipper pouches too Jill. Made one for each of my 16 grandchildren Christmas 2016. And I have lots for my own use – phone chargers and cords, medications, hand sewing bits and pieces, etc.

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    • Wow! Sewing for 16 grandchildren would keep you very busy! You are quite right, perfect for holding anything and so easy to make in any size, They make a great gift too.


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