Butchart Gardens

Butchart Gardens (2)Butchart Gardens (8)

Wednesday, 25 July we visited  the Butchart Gardens,  a world famous attraction located on Vancouver Island, consisting of 55 acres of gardens open every day of the year.  Started in the early 1900’s in a disused quarry, this garden is so inspiring and is still owned by the Butchart family.

Butchart Gardens (9)Butchart Gardens (7)

We were treated to a lovely buffet breakfast in the restaurant, followed by a leisurely morning exploring these magnificent grounds.  A minimum of 50 gardeners tend the grounds increasing to 90 as required.  Everything is perfect;  not one spent flower or faded leaf to be seen.

Butchart Gardens (6)Butchart Gardens (5)

The staff in the Plant Identification Centre were very knowledgeable. We saw some plants that we were interested to know more about and by taking some photos on my phone they were able to identify them and let us know if they were suitable for our zone.

Butchart Gardens (4)Butchart Gardens (3)Butchart Gardens (1)

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