Lima (Callao), Peru

Today, 19 March, we’re spending overnight in Lima because one of the excursions leaving this morning is going to Machu Picchu, the lost city of the Incas, and not returning to the ship until tomorrow morning.  Would be nice to do, but due to the level of activity and issues with the high elevation, we’ve decided that this excursion is not for us.

Yesterday, we got some info about security issues in Lima, with reports of armed robbery and other street crimes against foreign tourists and have been advised to use the shuttle buses rather than local taxis.  Unfortunately, we made a bit of an error and thought that the shuttle bus we took would take us to a market.  Instead we were dropped off at a shopping mall, very similar to what we have at home.  So nothing much to do there.

We were also advised to only visit the popular tourist areas in large groups and to minimize the amount of jewellery worn and that the area next to the pier was not safe.  In view of this, we were quite happy to get back on board.  Not a place we would go out of our way to visit again, so Lima was a bit of a non-event for us and our general impression of the city was gained in our 40-minute bus trip to the mall and back.

Your thoughts?

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