New Years Resolutions

NYA new year … time to make a fresh start!  Is anyone making New Years resolutions these days? I’m always keen to set some goals, especially at this time of the year but I’m wondering if I’m on my own here.

I have to admit that I like setting daily tasks for myself.  That probably goes back to the days when I worked in sales for a few years.  I had to start the day feeling motivated and what better way to do that than to know exactly what your plan of action would be and to be able to tick those achievements off at the end of the day.  I found it so successful that I started to set my goals for home as well, and years later I’m still doing it, so I guess setting New Years resolutions is just a part of who I am.

Not that I’ve always been successful, try as I might.  For the last two years my main resolution has been the same – drink more water.  You’d think living in a dry climate that would be easy, but it’s something I’ve always struggled with until a couple of months ago, when I discovered Apps!  Well, not discovered exactly, I knew they were there, but I didn’t really think about them until I updated my phone and started playing around on it.

Feeling a bit frustrated that another year was coming to an end and I’d made no headway with the water thing, I suddenly thought “I wonder if there is an app for that?” Hallelujah!!!  As it happens, there is more than one, and thank you Hydro Coach Pro, I’m drinking plenty of water because I’ve got this wonderful little app that works out how much water I need to drink each day, taking into account my activity level and the weather and I get regular reminders on my phone throughout the day.  In fact, because I’m expecting them, I often drink an extra glass of water just to get ahead so as not to see the sad little face on the screen at the end of the day letting me know I’ve failed!

Drink more water – tick!

The other area I tend to fall down in is going to the gym regularly.  That’s another resolution I’ve felt bad about at the end of the year – but no more …. and yes, there is an app for that.  Thank you Abusive Gym Reminder, now I have committed to three days per week and the app knows if my phone has been to the gym address, so by extension that I’ve been there too.  There are three different levels of abuse and I’ve set my phone to  the middle one with great effect so far.   No one wants to have their phone tell them, in a variety of ways, what a loser they are for not making good on their goals, so now when I set my tasks for the day (which, by the way is another app!) it goes without saying that I’m not going to miss the gym.

Regular gym attendance – tick!

So what does that leave me with for a New Years resolution for 2018 ……. oh yes, upping the fruit and vegetables and eating healthy.   I wonder if there is an app for that?

4 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions

  1. Happy New year Jill. I never make resolutions …mind you I don’t often set daily goals either. I tend to lurch from one activity to another if nothing specific has been planned lol. Today I plan to do some baking for a lunch meeting at my home tomorrow and to clean some windows. The baking will happen as it is essential but I am not so sure about the windows.

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