The Fall

Yes ….. the fall.  Wish I was talking about autumn leaves gently falling to the ground, but here in Australia we have just come into summer.  Sooo, what I am referring to is the fall of  fruit from a huge fig tree that I walked underneath, resulting  in “the fall” (non too gently) by myself on the last day of our cruise in Geraldton, Western Australia.

One moment I was walking along the boardwalk admiring the view.  Then, without any warning, my ankle must have given way when I stepped on the fruit.  I coouldn’t stop myself falling and just watched helplessly as I tipped forward and my gaze went from the ocean down to the grass and lastly a disturbingly close observation of the path.

Surprisingly,  it didn’t hurt much and I was immediately up and walking and we made our way back to the tender boat and then to the ship, even stopping to look at a market and taking some photos on the way.  I thought I was lucky to only have two minor scrapes on my right knee.


Little did I realise that within two hours my knee would swell and stiffen and despite the ice pack I could not put my weight on it.  I needed a wheelchair to get to the ship’s doctor, who applied a bandage and advised me to go to Perth hospital the next morning.  An X-Ray showed a fractured knee cap.

I don’t think an operation is required, but I expect to be hopping around on one leg for a month or so!


We had to fly directly home and didn’t get to do the second leg of our vacation, which was to spend some time in Perth and Dunsborough and return on the Indian Pacific train from Perth to Sydney.  We’ll do that next September (in reverse!)

So now I can spend some leisure hours filling out the travel insurance claim!



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