At Sea

Monday, 22 August – A sea day at last – time to relax and enjoy life on board the Diamond Princess.  That’s what we love about cruising, you can choose to do nothing, or be busy all day.


I don’t know how anyone could say they were bored (onboard!) – just on this one day the following choices were available:

Zumba, stretch class, 5 different dance classes, shopping, movies, trivia, jewellery presentation, acupuncture talk, culinary demonstration, ukulele class, art seminar, towel folding demonstration, wine club, drawing class, bingo, Japanese language class, ice carving demonstration, shuffleboard tournament, carpet bowls, English language lesson, calligraphy class – and that was just what was on offer until afternoon tea time!!!  Not forgetting to fit in lunch somewhere as well.

Is there time for a swim and spa, a walk around the deck, mini golf, the gym or to grab a book from the library?  Go online in the Internet Centre or visit the Beauty Salon?  aaahhhhhhh!!!!!!

Come evening, there is dinner of course, and all the entertainment starts up.  The casino is in full swing, there are shows, cocktails, gameshows, dancing and music in every bar, club and lounge.  Movies under the stars is something we enjoy – on a lovely evening watching a movie on a huge screen on the top deck under the stars, settled on deck chairs with pillow and rug and being waited on with popcorn and drinks – perfect!

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