Saturday, 20 August – Arimura Lava Lookout was our destination and the ferry took our coach on the 15 minute ride to the island.  Very nice views of Sakurajima, one of Japan’s  most active volcanoes.



Interesting sculptural shapes formed in the rocks



People on the island have built lava shelters and we were told that bags of volcanic dust are collected from the residents twice a week and made into a type of stone used in souvenirs.  Because of the dust, laundry cannot be hung outside so special drying rooms are set up in the houses.  Nice to visit but I don’t think I would like to live there!


Then we visited Senganen Garden (Iso Garden)  which was constructed in 1658.  Such a variety of plants and trees interspersed with small ponds, streams, shrines and a bamboo grove. Very peaceful.


As we were making our way to the Shoko Shuseikan Museum we came across a demonstration of swordsmanship skills, reflecting the feudal history of the area.  Very impressive!






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