Japan and Korea

Time to dust off the passports once again for another trip to Japan.  We enjoyed visiting there so much earlier in the year that we have decided to do a short vacation and fly out on 14 August to Yokohama, where we will board the Diamond Princess for a 10 day cruise to several Japanese and Korean ports and then fly home on 25 August.


This is our itinerary.   Highlights include an excursion to Mt Fuji (no, not climbing it ourselves, we will take the easy way!) and a Korean Festival with a fireworks display.  Also looking forward to boarding a ship that we haven’t been on before, which will be the biggest so far.  Getting excited!

10 thoughts on “Japan and Korea

  1. Hope you have a fabulous trip, looks good. Hope the days are clear and the seas calm.I guess it is one way of avoiding watching the olympics on tv.have a good trip,Jen.

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    • Yes Sarah, I will definitely share some photos. We went there earlier this year, check out all the photos in my previous Asia posts. We love Japan. I hope you get there.


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