Counting Down to our Vacation


Suddenly our vacation has crept up on us and we are leaving this Friday, 26 February.  We will be boarding the Sea Princess taking us to Sydney, Darwin, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, South Korea, Japan and back to Brisbane.

We are getting excited at the thought of 42 nights of luxury with nothing to do but enjoy ourselves!   It is always interesting to meet new people from different places and we have never been to China, Japan or Thailand before, so lots to look forward to.

So out come the suitcases and will spend tomorrow trying to pack sensibly and not take too many clothes.  Here are a couple of luggage tags I made!


The cats are happily settled into their second home with my daughter and her two cats (and dog) so nothing to worry about there.  Apparently Samurai has taken over his brother’s bed already, so he is okay and as for the two girls, they will hiss and growl for a couple of days while they decide who will be boss!

So after quite a break from any attempt at regular (or even irregular) blogging for quite some time, I hope you will join us for our next adventure.



2 thoughts on “Counting Down to our Vacation

  1. You are going to have so much fun! Japan is one place I HIGHLY recommend and the Japanese are very talented and skillful with craft. 😀


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