Whiskey Business – in the business of Macarons

Yesterday, I was absolutely amazed to find a lovely little cafe, Whiskey Business, selling one of my favourite sweet things- macarons – in the suburb where I use to live. This is amazing for two reasons 1) that it was open for 3 months before I moved and I had missed it and 2) my suburb is definitely not what you would call “trendy” so I did not expect to find a cafe full of charming vintage pieces, pretty plants and more importantly, a very impressive display of macarons. I was instantly tempted to eat my way through the showcase there and then!

Now at this point, I have to say that there is still a bit of confusion around about the difference between a “macaron” and a “macaroon”.  However there are numerous explanations on line, so I won’t go into that here; suffice to say that I have cooked many a macaroon and even though they are also made with egg white and sugar, the addition of coconut results in a dense texture, so they look and taste nothing like the delicacy of a macaron.

Anyway, I digress …. after drooling over the vast array for several minutes I narrowed my choice down to a very pretty Black Forest macaron joined with chocolate ganache and a Salty Caramel which was equally delicious. And just when I was licking up the last of the crumbs, out came the lovely barista with two more macarons to try for free!




With flavours like Lemon Curd & White Chocolate, Jelly Bean, Jam Donut and Turkish Delight (to name a few from their vast menu) yet to try, I will definitely be dropping by again soon!


Your thoughts?

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