More Days at Sea…

Tue, July 23

Saturday and Sunday we had rough seas with waves about 4-5 metres which we enjoyed, especially at night – it’s a nice way to go to sleep feeling the motion of the seas. However the stabilizers do their work very well most of the time. Yesterday the sea was calmer but we were in dense fog. At 11.30am we passed within 14 nautical miles of the Titanic.

We are still enjoying our days at sea and as we venture further into the Atlantic, the weather has improved and the fog has cleared. Today the sea is a steel blue/grey colour and the waves would be about 1 metre high. Very smooth on board. Plenty of activities are available, and I am now a very confident line dancer … although my latest goal has just been to finish the book I was reading!

Yesterday morning we went on the Ultimate Ship Tour, with 12 other passengers. During this 3-hour tour, we were taken to the ship’s engine control room, medical centre, print shop, laundry facilities, photo lab, bridge, galley, medical centre and other areas reserved for the crew. Staff, including the captain, took time to speak to us and explain the workings of the ship which was a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of the Sea Princess.

We were not allowed to take cameras with us, but we were accompanied by the ship’s photographer, who took several photos, and this afternoon we had a bag delivered to our stateroom, containing 4 photos, photo frame and a ship apron and two towelling robes embroidered with “Sea Princess”. The print shop gave us each some personal stationery as well, so we had some “show and tell” to take with us to dinner last night!

Your thoughts?

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