At Sea

Thur, June 6

We have now had four sea days since leaving Langkawi and it is quite scary how one day leads into another when we are not really doing much!

Still keeping to some sort of exercise regime with the excellent gym as well as line dancing and Zumba.  Alex is in a trivia team and we try to get the day started with a visit to the pool and walk the stairs as much as possible instead of taking the lift.

Craft activities are on every day which I have enjoyed very much as well.  So far I have done origami and have made gift boxes, bags and baskets, a bookmark and dimensional art.  I would never have thought of using pistachio shells to make a flower for decoration, so I am getting lots of new ideas. 

The lady who does all these wonderful projects is an American lady, Shirley and her husband, Dale.  They have been teaching craft on ships for the past 20 years!  She had to bring all her own supplies and manages to teach us something new in about an hour or so.  A couple of the projects have been carried over to Day 2.  A great concept and they do such a wonderful job.     

I think I have only had two cocktails and one breakfast of pancakes, maple syrup and bacon so doing well so far.  The food is excellent.

Yesterday we had a piracy drill which basically meant that we had to all go to our cabins when we heard the ship’s bell, and wait there with the door propped open and curtains closed until instructed.  I have noticed extra security around the decks and the fire hoses and LRAD (long range audio device I think) at the ready in case any unknown craft approaches us.

Last night we passed Cape Comorin on the southern most point of India. Today we continue up the west coast of India and tonight we will pass the coast line of Goa as we make our way to Mumbai.


Dinning room (800x530)

Sea Princess ship photos 009

Sea Princess ship photos 010

Sea Princess ship photos 011

Sea Princess ship photos 012

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