Kuala Lumpur

Sat, June 1

Off to another early start for our excursion to the capital of Malaysia.  The ship berthed at Port Kelang and KL was about an hour’s drive away.  The roads are excellent and 8 line highways were not unusual along the way.

It is a beautiful and vibrant city with a mix of modern skyscrapers and ancient minarets, sikhs’ turbans, muslim veils and even an English cricket pitch.  It is also a garden city and unlike other cities which struggle to keep their lawns green, KL  has successfully managed to keep the threatening jungle at bay.

On our City Sights tour we visited the National Museum which was very interesting with its exhibits covering Malaysian history and culture.  We also stopped at the massive Blue Mosque but unable to go in as they were at prayer.  We then moved on to the National Monument; very impressive bronze at 15.54 metres high.  Also marvelled at the Twin Towers – 88 stories high, featuring a Skybridge  at the 41st and 42nd level.Image


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