Back to the Blog.  

I’m afraid I have been very remiss with blogging for a long time.   I guess I have not been in the right “head space” for posting or even Facebook for ages, due to my husband’s brush with cancer.  It’s been a very full-on year.  However, good news at the first 3 month check, with a very positive report.  Of course, there will be ongoing checks for 5 years, but all good so we can move on with our lives.

After the disappointment of having to cancel our second round the world cruise earlier in the year, we were very happy when our refund cheque arrived in the mail this morning (finally) from the travel insurance company!   So now we are concentrating on our next vacation which will be leaving Brisbane on 26 February for a 42 night cruise to China and Japan.

We are lucky that the “Sea Princess” is now based in Brisbane which gives us the opportunity to cruise to some places not previously visited, and we don’t have to fly to Sydney to board.  Flying is not our favourite thing so we will make the most of it.

Lots going on around the house  and with the cats, but they will have to be the subject of future blogs as I realise that I haven’t taken any photos for months.  Not that I have been idle with lots of craft and gardening happening which I will share soon.


My Cats Garden is Nearly Done

Last year I was planning a garden for the cats.  Well, for them and for me.  They have a fenced-off area along the side of the house and I thought a narrow garden along the fence line between us and our neighbor would be nice for them and create some interest from the street view.

So recently, with a little bit of help to sort out the string line, I did the edging myself.  Maybe not absolutely straight in parts, but I am pretty happy with my efforts and I’m sure it will look fine once we have finished the planting.

So the dream becomes a reality.  Great – one more item we can cross off the “To Do” list!




Life’s Ups and Downs

Feeling happy that Spring is here at last (yay!). Can’t believe it’s nearly the end of September already.

On the downside, last month we got some not-so-good news. No one wants to heat that their spouse has tongue cancer, but there it is. Treatment started last week with a positive mental attitude for a good outcome. Luckily we have moved to a very caring community and everyone’s support has been appreciated so much.

On the upside, we just planted our first garden around the pool. The lavender was barely in the ground before the bees were buzzing about. Next step is to plant some Australian native trees to bring back the birds after we had to take out a lot of the garden which had been badly neglected.

I love a garden – it’s such a peaceful place to be, don’t you think?




Moving House – An Experience

I am finally back after sadly neglecting my poor blog since moving a few months ago. 

Yes – moving house …. so glad it is over.  I truly admire people who have to move every few years with their jobs.  We have made one move in about 15 years, and three months on I am just starting to feel settled.

Now I am definitely not the sort of person who gets stressed.  I normally take things in my stride so I expected that packing would be the only hassle I would experience and consoled myself that once that was achieved I could unpack at my leisure as we would leave all the excess in the big shed on the property until I could sort it out.

Well, that was what happened in principle, BUT I did not take into account how I would feel so far out of my comfort zone.  I have had 3 months to reflect on that.

The biggest hassle was, and still is, the problem with the internet, or lack thereof.  After changing our provider because they promised ADSL straight away, Telstra then advised that they had made a mistake and we will have to wait 6 to 9 months; in the meantime, wireless broadband is costing us more than we paid before for 100Gb and we are trying to manage on 8Gb!  To get around it, we use the internet sparingly at home and use public Wi-Fi whenever possible.  Luckily the local library is very close by, so me and my laptop are constant visitors!

The other thing that I completely underestimated was how I would feel far away from familiar shops and even the traffic lights that were not coordinated and annoyed me so much.  Suddenly I was thrust into the countryside with far too much space around me for comfort, city person that I am.

Our town is only 2 minutes’ drive away which has everything we need but I could not help but compare it with what I had left behind – how could I survive without shopping malls nearby?  Here I was in a town where the shops are actually situated on the street!

Well, I have managed quite well, as it turns out.  After all, Brisbane city is only about an hour away by car or train, which is no time at all by Australian standards.   

Not knowing the area was the other hurdle which did make me feel quite isolated for a time, but once I made the initial move, one thing led to another and now I have joined a very friendly Women’s Group, a craft group and a quilting group where I have been made to feel very welcome and through my husband’s interests and volunteering, we have made other friends as well.

Finally things have settled down after having lots of tradesmen in, fixing this and installing that.  The worst of the hot weather has passed and we have had some good rain.  The grass is green, our autumn weather is lovely and life is good.